We’ve been teased by BlackBerry about some upcoming changes to the BB10 experience in the future 10.3 update. Today, we’re getting a couple more pictures of 10.3 running on a BlackBerry Z10 courtesy of ZonaBlackBerry.com. ZBB has gotten some pictures of what they’re calling While there isn’t a lot we haven’t already seen in previous leaks, there are a couple of subtle changes we’re looking forward to seeing.

The alarm clock UI has been changed up a bit. Like the BB10 icons, the design is now a bit more flat, which I think looks pretty slick. Of course, it remains to be seen exactly how many of these changes will be brought on to the final gold release version, and when it’ll come out. I’m definitely liking the way BlackBerry is going with the new UI. Check out the pictures below, and let me know if you agree as well in the comments.

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