BlackBerry has incrementally rolled out updates to BlackBerry 10 over the course of the year. While the updates have brought us quick settings, new call screen, and more, the Hub has relatively remained the same since launch.

All of that may change in the upcoming BlackBerry 10.3 update pegged for later this year. Until then, a product and UI designer called Vladi has reimagined what the BlackBerry Hub could be like in the future.

Vladi believes the project envisions the “BlackBerry 10 Hub redesigned for more pleasant user experience and more efficient solutions.” Here’s Vladi’s issues and solutions for revamping the BlackBerry Hub UI and experience:

Layout and Iconography Reimagined

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Multiple Selection Reimagined

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Search Hub Reimagined

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Vladi plans to bring more in following updates. You can follow Vladi’s reimagining of BlackBerry Hub project on Would you like to see Vladi’s reimagined BlackBerry Hub UI and UX become a reality?