Got a brand new Z10? Awesome! Now you need to get it all set with apps. These are some of the apps I consider a must have on your new Z10. What I love about BB10 is that it already has most of the basic apps you would have to download on other platforms, such as Dropbox, Box, Evernote, etc. So here are some other apps you should try:


Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare are all social apps everyone knows are a must, and are even included on BB10 so I won’t waste your time mentioning these. But…

Neatly for Twitter – Is a pretty cool Twitter client for BlackBerry 10 that you can, and should, try out in case you don’t love the official Twitter for BlackBerry 10 app. Neatly has a cool interface, nice features and is available for only $2.99 on BlackBerry World.


We need to stay in touch with our friends and family and, though we wish they were, not all of them are on BBM. That’s where these guys come in:

WhatsApp – Everyone knows WhatsApp and if you don’t, then it’s time to come out from under that rock on top of you. Stay in touch with your friends and family on all other platforms with WhatsApp. And, though it’s not BBM, it’s a good and cheap alternative.

IM+ Pro – For those who also use IM clients such as Gtalk, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, etc. IM+ Pro is one of the best Multi IM clients out there. For only $4.99 you can chat with your friends on all these networks from a single app. Is that great or what?


TuneIn Radio – With TuneIn you can listen to local and international radio stations on your BlackBerry 10 device. Save your favorite stations to  listen to them later, search by location, language and many more features.

Nobex Radio and Podcasts – For those who don’t love TuneIn. Listen to over 16,000 radio stations, podcasts, share wit your friends on BBM, Facebook or Twitter. Tons of cool features such as sleep timer so you can listen to music while you fall asleep, watch YouTube videos of songs and much more.


News for BlackBerry – Every BlackBerry fan must have an app to stay up to date with anything and everything related to BlackBerry. That’s where the N4BB app comes in. It’s definitely a must.


PicShop – Edit photos on the go, add cool effects and make all your photos taken with your Z10 look even better (yep, that’s possible).

BeWeather 10 – You probably know BeWeather and used it on your old BlackBerry. One of the best (and my personal favorite) weather app for BlackBerry, now available for BlackBerry 10. There’s a free and pro version, so try it out before you buy it.


Hub++ Take you led lights to another level with Hub++. You can add custom led and sound notifications for your emails, messages, calls and more with a lot more features to come soon.

Stuff I Need – Ever forget about that thing you had to buy? Or something you had to do? With Stuff I Need you can make a list and never forget again. Just add what you need to the list and check it off the list once you get it done!

And these are the apps I can’t live without. I’m sure you all have some pretty cool apps you would put on this list, so leave them in the comments below!