BlackBerry 10 brings a unique feature called BlackBerry Balance. The Balance feature can help users focused on using one device for both work and personal use.

BlackBerry Balance gives users one unified, easy to manage experience whether you’re logged into your company’s IT infrastructure or using the BlackBerry Z10 for personal use. To get started, here are tips and tricks to help users truly optimize their BlackBerry Balance:

  • Keep your personas separate – Color code your calendar appointments to better plan your day and quickly triage what’s work and what’s personal. For example, by using BlackBerry Groups, family members can integrate calendars to ensure everyone is constantly up to date with the latest schedules of events. With a quick swipe of the finger, users can easily hide these events to manage work appointments. In the Calendar application, swipe down from the top bezel to reveal the menu items. Select Manage to show/hide calendars and Settings to customize colors.
  • Protect your personal moments – The BlackBerry Z10 features an 8 megapixel camera for sharp photos, and the impressive Time Shift feature that allows you to go back in time to capture the perfect shot, making the Z10 ideal for photographing friends and family. By saving photos to your Personal profile, you can prevent private family images from being migrated onto corporate servers.
  • Easily access your important documents – To easily access corporate documents on your business profile, take advantage of behind-the firewall capabilities and have your IT department grant you access to network file shares. Download the free BlackBerry Work Drives app, to remotely access, edit and manage content located on enterprise network drives.
  • Power down what/when you want – Let BlackBerry Balance help you achieve balance! Pick a time of day and lock your work profile to eliminate the urge to check work email and other info. From the Home Screen, users should swipe down from the top to reveal the attached menu, then simply click the Balance icon on the left side to lock the Work space.

BlackBerry Balance allows users to tailor their device to offer the perfect blend of business and personal with a few easy actions. Balance solves the paradigm of having two phones to ‘Balance’ your personal and corporate life.