Today RIM will be releasing an update to the BlackBerry 10 operating system beta. Developers will have access to BBM, BlackBerry Hub, notifications, and so much more.

The new BlackBerry Messenger on BlackBerry 10 will not longer be PIN based. The new BBM will be tied to your BlackBerry ID. RIM recently announced the tie-in of BlackBerry ID to the Beta Zone and App Vendor Portal.

For the time being, developers who update to the latest release of the BlackBerry 10 beta will be able to use the new BBM. It is strongly suggested to create a new BBID for the use of BBM. Otherwise, there could be some problems in the future.

Those users who are using the new BBM beta will not get to talk to other users on BBM with legacy devices. Eventually, RIM will roll out an update for users with BlackBerry 7, 6, etc devices. That new update will separate the BBM from the devices PIN and move it to their BBID. Thus, BlackBerry ID will be your single login for almost every BlackBerry service.