Positive news from IDC analyst Tony Olvet as he predicts that with the release of BlackBerry 10, RIM would solidify its lead over Windows Phone 8 in the Canadian mobile OS market.

Research from IDC shows that RIM is currently neck and neck with Windows Phone when it comes to numbers of smart phones shipped.

“RIM, however, will have to be very, very sharp in its campaign to woo what we would call undecided buyers and go beyond their current and limited install base,” Olvet said during a webcast announcing the predictions.

IDC also made their top 10 predictions for 2013:

  1. Mobile technology will penetrate every aspect of business in Canada.
  2. Cloud technology will become the data storage solution of choice for Canadian businesses.
  3. Data portfolio management will become the primary occupation of IT departments.
  4. Big data — the volume, velocity and variety of information — will grow, driving business to keep pace.
  5. Security breakdowns will make headlines before beefed-up measures are implemented.
  6. Online video will overtake cable TV as the delivery option of choice.
  7. 3D printing will become available for commercial and household use.
  8. Governments will capitalize on mobile and online technology to better pool resources and deliver services and information.
  9. IT outsourcing will grow by more than 50% — especially for short-term, specialized contracts.
  10. There will be an IT buyer power shift. Companies will demand more from IT providers an no longer accept cookie-cutter solutions.

Do you believe the IDC analyst is on point? Will BlackBerry 10 beat out Windows Phone 8 in the Canadian market? Could we see this extend to the rest of North America and beyond? Sound off in the comments.

via TheStar