Could BlackBerry 10 Boost Zynga, Glu Mobile, and More?

Could BlackBerry 10 Boost Zynga, Glu Mobile, and More?

There is a reported 70% of current BlackBerry subscribers who plan to make the switch to BlackBerry 10. If true, that could mean a near instantaneous subscriber base of nearly 60 million to BlackBerry 10.

Even a mere 50% switch over rate would be some pretty impressive numbers. What could this mean for game and app publishers? EA and Gameloft have been fairly good about porting their games to the current PlayBook OS. From what we’ve heard they’ve seen a fairly good purchase rate simply from PlayBook owners.

However, companies like Zynga, Glu Mobile, and others haven’t even given BlackBerry a chance. As shown in figures found by Seeking Alpha, Zynga’s business model is on the decline.

BlackBerry users haven’t had access to games like Words with Friends, Draw Something, and more. BlackBerry 10 opens the doorway for all of these games to be easily ported to the BB10 platform.

Imagine what instant access to 40+ million users could mean for a company selling an app at $0.99 or more. There is some serious revenue possibilities with BlackBerry 10. Lets hope these companies wise up and see the available dollar signs.

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