BlackBerry CEO John Chen’s interview with the Wall Street Journal published yesterday has shined light on some interesting facts about the BlackBerry 10 operating system, and in particularly on how it runs Android apps since its inception.

When asked, “why should consumers buy a BlackBerry phone?” Chen drops a nice little statistic many of us didn’t know [bold is ours]:

“Android’s strength isn’t really the quality of the phone, which BlackBerry has. BlackBerry phones are well put together. We have a great BlackBerry Messenger experience, a great operating system. And it’s the most secure phone. Secure not only in data, but in personal identity. Younger consumers love all kinds of apps, and BlackBerry runs 98% of all the Android apps. All BlackBerry die-hards know they can run Android apps.”

Most of you reading this probably already knew all about the Android runtime, and how much better it has gotten since 10.2.1. Heck, even apps that aren’t being released for BlackBerry 10 work wonderfully when their Android counterparts are installed. But I’ll be honest, I had no idea that number was 98% of Android apps. That’s a HUGE deal. Specially when you consider how well the newly released Z3 handles Android apps, and that 10.3 will be getting a nice bump in runtime to Android 4.3 when its launched.

Chen is doing his best to be able to communicate this idea out to the public, and the team behind the launch of the Z3 is apparently trying to do the same. A picture captured by our own Veeru789 and posted in our forums (shown below), illustrates how BlackBerry wants people to know they can run Android through the runtime in a way.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.26.56 AM

This poster shows the Z3 as “Android ready.” Get others to realize you can run apps, and then show off the differences and superiority in the BB10 OS. That’s a good strategy.