We recently reported on the upcoming BlackBerry 10.1 update that Z10 users should expect in March. In the article I asked what users would like to see in the update.

One comment was hoping for the, what seemed innovative, Cinnamon Toast feature. Turns out, Cinnamon Toast has been nixed by BlackBerry. However, French Toast is still there, which it can be seen in current builds, but it’s not quite as “cool”.

We’ve heard the Cinnamon Toast feature was far from practical. Rather than give users a difficult and more gimmicky feature to use, BlackBerry decided it was better left go.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cinnamon Toast, it would have allowed a user the ability to see a gradual “reveal” of information from a notification. As the phone is picked up and depending on its degree of angle it would determine the amount of the notification to be shown.

Certainly seemed like a very innovative idea. But, sadly we won’t be seeing any Cinnamon Toast on BlackBerry 10. That “toast” has gone stale.