Earlier today we reported on the analysis that BlackBerry 10 would not launch until March 2013. This comes from Jefferies’ Peter Misek, who doesn’t have a good track record for positive analysis on RIM.

Much of the mass media is twisting this story and making it appear as BlackBerry 10 is delayed. Thus, RIM’s stock has taken a hit as a consequence.

Let it be clear that Q1 2013 ends in March. Therefore, it is feasible that BlackBerry 10 could launch sometime in March. Or, it could launch sometime in January or February.

The fact of the matter is that despite when it launches in Q1, it is not delayed so long as it launches by March. RIM has only formally acknowledged BlackBerry 10’s release to be sometime in Q1 2013.

March may seem like an unbearable time to wait (nearly 6 months), but personally I’d prefer a solid product. Surely, no one wants another half-baked product like the Storm, PlayBook, etc. Keep hope alive Team BlackBerry!