There seems to be an odd bug affecting nearly all BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices. Upon rebooting the device, you’re met with a screen stating “Thank you for participating! The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device program has ended. For details on what to do next, please visit”

Of course, this has to be a fluke, right? There’s no way RIM could have cut the development this short of BlackBerry 10’s official release. This seems to be the case. Word is spreading that if you reboot a few more times your Dev Alpha seems to return to normal. However, we haven’t confirmed this on our end.

We’re still waiting on a response from RIM. Perhaps the Dev Alpha devices were all set to expire today as BlackBerry 10 devices were originally supposed to release in September as previously reported. Nevertheless, we’ll update you on any further information we might receive on the issue. Are you experiencing this?

Thanks Taylor!