When we first broke the news on the N-Series, it was discovered that Research In Motion decided to take away the TrackPad. Additionally, RIM planned to remove the rest of the physical action buttons such as call, BlackBerry options, back, and end/power.

This has since been confirmed in the recent video leak of the BlackBerry N-Series, which clearly shows the only physical buttons is the keypad. You can see this in the image above. The idea is the user will now utilize only swipe gestures for their intended action.

BlackBerry 10 will also feature an on-screen action bar. This bar takes place of the BlackBerry options and back physical keys. Almost every action that could have been accomplished with a physical key is now applicable through these or a swipe.

Will you miss the physical buttons and TrackPad? Personally, the TrackPad was handy when trying to select a small button on a website without having to zoom in. Though, that’s really the only time I ever found it useful. If you could have had RIM do it differently, would you keep the physical buttons and TrackPad? Or, are you happy to see BlackBerry 10 end the button era?