BlackBerry 10 features a universal inbox dubbed ‘BlackBerry Hub’. The Hub compiles all of your messages and more from social networks, calendar, etc. In similar fashion, the native File Manager on BlackBerry 10 compiles your local files.

Additionally, it will compile your Box and Dropbox files. Dropbox has had a deal for new Samsung owners to receive free storage. It seems RIM is going to offer the same promotion and then some: “16 GB internal storage + up to 32 GB external storage (micro SD) + 5 – 50 GB online storage from Box + 2.5 – 48 GB online storage from Dropbox. And The result is you have an extravagant storage at your Blackberry 10 handset (120 GB++)”.

BlackBerry 10 looks to be shaping up nicely. How excited are you for possible free cloud storage?

via BB10Believe