Today, developers will be waking up to a nice update to the developer toolkits for BlackBerry 10.  The final beta update, or “Gold” edition of the BlackBerry 10 SDKs are now available for download, exactly when RIM said they will be.

The Gold edition of the native Cascades SDK comes with active text styling, a new project wizard, text controls, and tons of other minor improvements.

The native SDK without Cascades now allows banner ads for advertising, gamepad support for game controllers and joysticks, apps can be compiled in parallel now, along with a host of other improvments to the QNX Momentics IDE.

This is the final update to the native SDKs, which means that all the APIs in SDK now will be there for launch.  Any changes from now on  will be minor improvements to the performance, certain controls and the IDE.

RIM has been delivering solidly on their update timeline for their developer tools recently, suggesting that the current CEO Thorsten Heins can properly management the software aspect of the company.

Click here to download the Cascades SDK.
Click here for the Native SDK.