Analyst Peter Misek from Jefferies & Co. is at it again with his claims of Research In Motion. “We see significant potential for it, and it certainly is a vast improvement over BB7,”  said Misek in a report. “However, we believe it is highly unlikely that it will be an improvement over iOS 6 and about equal to Android 4.1. Therefore we see little chance RIM can take share away from Apple with BB10.”

Misek also believes RIM is nearing the end of its strategic review, but may have trouble finding a partner. Samsung is the most widely speculated candidate, but Misek believes any acquisition would be unlikely prior to the launch of BB10, and the “terms for a licensing deal are much worse for RIM now than during the initial round of talks in January.” At most, he thinks a $10-per-handset fee coupled with 20 million units of BB10 devices sold by Samsung would about 36 cents to RIM’s EPS line in 2013.

BlackBerry 10 certainly has to be not just a home-run, but a grand slam. In my opinion, BlackBerry 10 will first have to prove itself to the market before we see it garner any kind of traction. It is definitely possible, and hopefully Frank Boulben, RIM’s new Chief Marketing Officer, can tackle BB10’s necessary marketing hurdles. How soon do you think after BlackBerry 10’s release will it begin biting back at Apple and Android?

via MarketWatch