BlackBerry 10 Jam is getting closer and RIM is making sure they keep you pumped about it. They’ll be having the AppCircus, exclusive development training sessions, and they are currently running a poll where developers can vote for their favorite subject for the Unconference day. Here’s more:

AppCircus at BlackBerry 10 Jam – Developers have the chance to win $25,000 to see their favorite bands in concert. Take any BlackBerry® WebWorks™, Adobe® AIR®, or Native Gaming app for the BlackBerry® platform already completed or currently under development and receive help from experts to port it to BlackBerry 10. You must register their application with AppCircus by April 29th and attend BlackBerry 10 Jam. There will be one prize given for each WebWorks, Adobe AIR, and Native Gaming. The prize package includes a $10,000 USD cash award to purchase concert tickets and to be used as spending money as well as a $15,000 USD Travel Voucher to purchase airline tickets, hotel reservations and ground transportation to attend the concerts. Further details about the contest can be found here

Exclusive Development Training Session – A select number of attendees will learn how to develop BlackBerry HTML5 + WebWorks applications using the jQuery Mobile framework. This single day event will feature 6 conference-style presentations of 30 minutes in length hosted by the experts at appendTo. Topics covered include learning development, debugging and deployment techniques for creating visually rich and highly functional BlackBerry applications. Attendees are required to bring their own laptop and to have a working knowledge of developing web applications. First come, first served and spots are limited, so attendees should register for this session now.

Every 100th App – The Developer Marketing team is holding a contest and every 100th new app submitted to BlackBerry App World as of April 10th is eligible for a prize package that will bring the developer to BlackBerry® 10 Jam in Orlando, Florida from May 1-3. The prize package includes $500 USD cash, a voucher for an airline ticket, a pass to BlackBerry 10 Jam on May 1-3 and four nights at a hotel. Winners will be notified via the primary email on their BlackBerry App World vendor account and we will keep the community informed here at the Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog.

Session Highlight – Get Ready for Cascades Development: Cascades is the powerful UI framework for the BlackBerry®10 platform. In the session we’ll demonstrate the developer workflow, starting with Adobe® Photoshop® and exporting the graphic assets so they can be easily consumed by the Momentics tools. This is an opportunity for developers to walk through a project with samples that highlight the best features of Cascades.


You can get more info on the BB10 Jam event here. Excited about the event? Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be going!