After BlackBerry 10 Jam Americas, we were left convinced that RIM has made a strong case to developers on the strengths of its new platform.  Yet when thinking of BlackBerry, many think business, suits, and the like.  This is where BlackBerry 10 Jam – Enterprise Jam comes in, which actually starts today in Ottawa, my hometown.  Of course, I’ll be there to cover the event and bring you all the information you need about RIM’s plans for BlackBerry in the business world.  The Enterprise Edition of  BlackBerry 10 Jam has just begun, continuing RIM’s mission to spread the word about its new platform after BlackBerry Jam Americas.

Even though its not Waterloo, Canada’s capital is a centre for business and technology.  At the Delta hotel downtown, the BlackBerry 10 Jam – Enterprise Edition is a one-day event that allows industry and company employees, RIM’s traditional customers, to become familiar with the development environment of new BlackBerry 10 platform and what it has to offer in a world full of Android smartphones and iPhones.

For more information, check out RIM’s official Enterprise jam website, and stay tuned to N4BB for the latest developments!