Research In Motion has been fairly active at showing off the new keyboard arriving in BlackBerry 10. However, they’ve really only shown one aspect of its functionality. In this quick look video we show you the different options the BlackBerry 10 keyboard has to offer.

The BlackBerry 10 keyboard is based off the SwiftKey technology, which allows it to accurately learn the most commonly used words of its user. Therefore, it can better predict what you may intend to say as you type. It makes for an overall great typing experience one might find equal to SwiftKey on Android.

What else could RIM add to the keyboard? If you’ve ever had the opportunity to try SwiftKey, you’ll know that it comes with different themes (i.e. white, blue, pink, etc.). Would you want RIM to open up the keyboard API to allow 3rd party developers to create add-ons or modifications? Check out our closer look video and let us know what you think of the BB10 keyboard so far.

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