Not too long ago we did a SwiftKey 3 versus BlackBerry 10 keyboard comparison video. In that video, we pondered if the BlackBerry 10 keyboard would have voice-to-text capabilities.

The BlackBerry 10 keyboard is built on the SwiftKey platform. Personally, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using SwiftKey with Android devices. To me, SwiftKey is the best virtual keyboard on the market.

For RIM to be using SwiftKey, it opens up many of the features available, like voice-to-text. In the leaked photo above, which shows BBM VIdeo, you also see in the keyboard the microphone icon.

If it is like the SwiftKey 3 keyboard, you’ll hold down the microphone icon to start the prompt for recording your voice. I’m really eager to see this in action soon. Will you use native voice-to-text for messaging?

via BBin