While traveling in South Africa, RIM CEO, Thorsten Heins, spoke on the launch of BlackBerry 10. Heins was visiting to brief the local carriers on the company’s plans for launching BlackBerry 10.

“South Africa is a priority one market for us, and we will acknowledge that with the launch of BlackBerry 10. There will be three waves in taking it to global markets, and South Africa and Nigeria are in the top range of Wave 1 launches. We will pay tribute to our customers here by delivering BlackBerry 10 in South Africa when it is launched,” Heins said.

Unlike South Africa, the North American market will require a turnaround. Heins understands this and the company plans to adress the issue at hand.

Heins stated “the market in the USA was driven by a tectonic shift to full touch screens and to LTE (4G connectivity) in a very short time frame in the enterprise space. All the money from the carriers is going to 4G. That is why we have lost and are still losing market share.

There are two routes to recapturing that market. Firstly, we are working on our installed user base. So far the upgrade ratio has increased from 8% to 22% in the last two quarters. The second thing is to get Blackberry 10 into the market and make sure it fulfills all users’ requirements, such as the full LTE experience.”

For some time it was rumored the first wave to BlackBerry 10’s launch would be Europe, Middle East, Asia, Latin Americas followed by North America. Do you believe launching BlackBerry 10 in a staggered manner is a wise?

via Gadget.co.za