BlackBerry 10 officially turns two years old today. Back on January 30th of 2013, Research In Motion, as BlackBerry was known back then, held a worldwide event that celebrated the launch of this new, innovative operating system.

We were lucky enough to attend to main site of the launch in New York City, and watch first hand one of the coolest events in the last few years. [Check out the BlackBerry 10 launch keynote in the video above]

As we know, the first two devices launched were the Z10 and Q10, a 1, 2 combination of touchscreen device and physical QWERTY keyboard device.

Fast forward to 2015, and BlackBerry 10 looks more robust then ever before in just two years. Aside from the original Z and Q, BlackBerry 10 has been featured on seven other smartphones (Q5, Z30, P’9982, Z3, P’9983, Passport, Classic) since its original launch. BlackBerry 10 has also been updated five times (OS 10.1, 10.2, 10.2.1, 10.3, and 10.3.1) in that small timeframe, something the other mobile operating systems haven’t matched. New features and functions have been introduced at ridiculous speed, and the UI is more polished and beautiful than many believed it could get.

While BlackBerry’s original play at the consumer in 2013 fell short, in 2015, new BlackBerry CEO John Chen has put the company in a position that’s profitable, and can be sustained over the long haul. This strategy could allow BlackBerry to make another go at the consumer market – if they were to choose to go that route – in the near future.

Here’s to your second year of life, BlackBerry 10! May you have many, many more.