For those of us that had the privilege to be there, the launch of BlackBerry 10 in New York City was an event we won’t soon forget. It was exactly one year ago today, on January 30th, 2013, when all the countdowns, all the preparations and all the excitement ended up focused on one event, the launch of BB10. The venue, Pier 36 in New York City, was the center of the launch, but as we remember, BlackBerry had set up five other “launch sites” across the world in Toronto, Dubai, London, Paris, and Johannesburg. It wasn’t a really cold day in the City, but the chill of a new platform coming to life could definitely be felt. The room was packed by press and BlackBerry Elites. We all had our computers, and Bold 9900s out ready to get all the info out as fast as possible. To say it was exciting would be an understatement.

The event itself went really well. Then-CEO Thorsten Heins was very smooth as he delivered the news of BlackBerry’s name change (from RIM) first, and had BlackBerry employees countup to the reveal of the first two new BlackBerry 10 devices, the Z10, and the Q10. Thankfully, the event was livestreamed online, which definitely helped the N4BB liveblog be on fire during the launch (You can relive the launch keynote by watching the video above).

Over the past twelve months, it’s been a rollercoaster ride for BlackBerry 10, to say the least. There’s been the good, like the three major OS updates, and the release of the Z30, and there has been the not so great, mainly poor sales and failure to gain traction in the smartphone market. BlackBerry has a new CEO now, and a new direction, a plan to focus back on its roots in enterprise for the time being.

For the consumers, the launch of OS 10.2.1 has helped bring back that original BlackBerry 10 excitement into the mix, and we do expect that to keep going as 2014 continues. We may get a glimpse at a (or a couple) new device next month at MWC, and we definitely have more OS updates to look forward to, so let’s celebrate this year, as we wait for birthday #2 for BlackBerry 10 in 2015!