We’ve heard rumblings before that BlackBerry 10 could be licensed to other handset manufacturers. This looks to be coming closer to fruition.

“We are looking into licensing [for lower-cost devices],” said BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins. “It’s a question of the business model and timing to trigger the decision of if and when you would do this.”

BlackBerry’s hardware business has already been on the decline. “If you think about the display resolution, the processors and memory you need, and then run the math, we’re probably not going to get there in the next six months,” said Heins.

Allowing for BlackBerry 10 to be licensed could have some advantageous affects, as Seeking Alpha points out:

  • leverage production and marketing capabilities
  • Build up the BlackBerry ecosystem
  • Secure revenue and profits that it would otherwise not have

BlackBerry 10 is still very much in its infancy. As Heins points out, “BlackBerry 10 basically got us the ticket to race. We were actually not yet in the race [then], and we have just started the race … what we did last year, was getting us on the court, now we have to play the championships and we have to win.”

If BlackBerry 10 is licensed, which 3rd party OEMs would you like to see using the operating system? Sony, Samsung, HTC?