Been wondering what the lock-screen might look like on BlackBerry 10? Newly surfacing slides show what the layout should be like for the lock-screen in BlackBerry 10. The layout looks to have many customization options. You will be able to have a minimal notification version and one with calendar appointments, peek icons show notifications for certain apps, and shortcut to the camera.

The second slide shows the way the BlackBerry 10 device can be unlocked. The device can be unlocked by swiping upwards from the bottom bezel or by pressing the hardware lock/unlock button and then swiping upwards. The third slide shows what is called ‘BlackBerry 10 Cinnamon Toast’, which shows levels of information for a notification depending on the where the device is positioned upon picking it up. Things are really looking great for the BlackBerry 10 platform. What do you think of the possible lock-screen layout?

via CB Forums