BlackBerry 10 is still a few months away and already parts of it is being mimicked for other platforms. First we saw a developer create a similar styled keyboard for iOS. Now, Android users with Jellybean and ICS can have a similar styled lockscreen.

The mod for Jellybean and ICS allows for users to have the similar curtain-like effect, which slowly reveals whats behind it. The mod is based on old WaveView widget (honeycomb). While it works on Jellybean, the developer hasn’t tested it on ICS. Check out the video demo of it below:

On a BlackBerry? Click here for mobile YouTube video

If you have an Android device and would like to apply the mod, follow these instructions:

How to : 
1) Apply patch(diff) with resources.
2) Compile.
3) Done 

*How to use patch :
or my simple guide : about how to use this patch

* diff v1.1 :
for Stock JZO54K : download
for AOKP build 5 : download

* resources for HD(xhdpi) v1.1 : download

Source: XDA

via RapidBerry