BlackBerry concepts have been flourishing lately. The newest one is the M1Fuse, a Miracast powered BlackBerry 10 smartphone lapdock peripheral that allows for a seamless uncompromising mobile-computing experience.

Enabling NFC, you can put your BlackBerry 10 smartphone inside the LED cradle that will trigger Terminal Mode – a combination of Wifi Direct, Miracast, and Bluetooth Smart Ready. Terminal Mode allows the BB10 OS to project a tailored, landscape experience for the larger 15″ touch sensitive screen.


If you dock your BlackBerry 10 smartphone it can function as a virtual track-pad with full gesture support. Additionally, if the BB10 smartphone supports wireless charging the docking tray will allow a wire-free charge while the M1 is connected through magnetic rapid charger.

This M1Fuse lapdock cradle is encompassed by a blue LED indicator strip. The indicator will change colors to let you know about incoming notifications and will return to blue, indicating the devices are connected via Bluetooth.


Other features and specs of the M1Fuse include:

  • Left of the device cradle you’ll see a hardware key to quickly access BB Hub, on the right there is a hardware key to force applications from their vertical orientation into full screen landscape.
  • A one fingered down-swipe from the top will bring down settings and music control, a two finger swipe down from the top will bring in an application overlay and allow you to launch new apps.
  • The M1Fuse is fully usable without the mobile being directly docked. Once the device is tapped on the NFC trigger and Terminal Mode is launched you can utilize the touchscreen on the lapdock to maneuver the OS.