The recent announcement of the one million sold BlackBerry 10 devices re-lit my curiosity. As mentioned before, the sale for those devices is likely across the entire BlackBerry 10 device portfolio, and not limited to one specific device.

BlackBerry has been pretty transparent about this year’s BB10 lineup. They at least have gone on record announcing six BlackBerry 10 devices pegged for 2013.

Two of these devices BlackBerry has already officially announced – BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. You may recall the internal models for the Z10 was the L-Series and the Q10 the N-Series.

Almost all of the other BlackBerry 10 devices have been touched on briefly. Though, there still lacks some of the finer details. Here’s a recap of currently known information regarding these devices and some we’ve just exclusively learned.


We first heard about this beast of a device late last year by way of the ‘Aristo’. The ‘Aristo’ nomenclature is Greek and essentially is defined as “the best”.

This is a fitting name. Though, it is just one of two devices. The other device, likely the CDMA variant, is called the ‘Anisio’. Also Greek, and defines as “unconquered”.

The A-Series looks to be the true flagship BlackBerry 10 device. At least for the all-touch sector. The A-Series is rumored to sport a Qualcomm APQ8064 Krait Quad Core 1.5GHz, 2GB RAM, and an OCTA Glass OLED 4.65″ touch screen.


The BlackBerry Q10 may not be released as of this writing, but that hasn’t stopped BlackBerry from working on an additional QWERTY keyboard device.

The R-Series, with one device called ‘Rainier’ – for the volcanic peak in Washington – will be the equivalent of a Curve for the BlackBerry 10 portfolio. It is certainly not a flagship device by any means.

The ornamental design of the R-Series hadn’t previously been mentioned. We’ve now have learned what it looks like. This low-end QWERTY will be all black in color – even down to the frets of the keyboard.

There will not be any stainless steel siding like the 9900 and Q10. The R-Series is made purely out of plastic composites. It will be interesting to see if BlackBerry deviates from one OS fits all. Or, if they’ll introduce a ‘BlackBerry 10 Lite’ version for the entry-level BB10 devices.


The elusive M-Series is said to be the BlackBerry 10 slider. We’ve known about one model associated with the M-Series – the Milan. Although, later it was learned the device was put on hold.

The M-Series will apparently sport a 720×1280 screen resolution. Multiple design revisions have been on-going for the BlackBerry 10 M-Series. This is one device with little certainty as to when it will release.


If the M-Series doesn’t release by year’s end 2013, then we should certainly see it drop by 2014. Effectively getting an all-touch device to be as slim as possible with a sliding mechanism has been the one big draw-back.


This is what we know so far for the yet-to-be-released BlackBerry 10 phone portfolio. BlackBerry isn’t finished with amazing devices just yet. Even the mysterious 10″ BlackBerry PlayBook is still rumored to release this year.

Keep it locked to, we’ll keep digging to bring you more information on future BlackBerry 10 devices.