BlackBerry 10 Parental Controls Quick Look

BlackBerry 10 Parental Controls Quick Look

As BlackBerry 7 introduced parental controls, so will BlackBerry 10 feature the same options. In the Parental Controls you can restrict what the device can do. These are some examples of what can be managed:

  • You can set what contacts can be called or sent a SMS.
  • You can restrict access to what social media sites they can have on the device.
  • Avoid the ability to install/uninstall app purchases.
  • The ability to block the upload of videos to social media sites.
  • Restrict internet access.
  • even disable the device camera.

Parents looking to keep a watchful eye on your children, it gets no easier than with native controls out of the box with BlackBerry 10.

via BBEmpire

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