Some pre-release photos of BlackBerry 10, obtained from a BlackBerry partner, shows off examples of what to expect in the upcoming OS. You can see from the image above that we may see a type of widget capability integrated in the new OS.

You can see a strikingly close comparison to the PlayBook OS and BlackBerry 10, but there are some subtle changes like a bottom dock. In another photo, you’ll see on the call screen there is the option to induce a video chat, which again confirms there will be front-facing camera on the BlackBerry 10 devices. Additionally, it furthers the deep integration of the video chat capabilities we discussed in our interview with Alec Saunders.

We’re truly excited for BlackBerry 10, as it should really put BlackBerry back on the map. A lot of people will really begin to take a second look at what BlackBerry has to offer. Check out the remaining photos below.

via CB