The past week has revealed quite a few leaks on the upcoming QWERTY BlackBerry 10 smartphone, a refreshing change from the multitude of images we’ve seen of the full-touch BlackBerry 10 smartphone.  Now that it’s pretty much unofficially confirmed how both smartphones will look like, which one will you be getting?  If you’re a super fan and are getting both, just pick your favorite BlackBerry 10 device!  (Pretend RIM isn’t making a slider, which they may or may not).

This isn’t just a poll either!  I want to know WHY the form factor you choose is the best BlackBerry 10 smartphone for you!  Keep in mind that everyone has slightly different needs in their device.  Will this be the beginning of a BlackBerry 10 civil war?  I’ve had some pretty intense/insightful discussions on the subject and want to expand the conversation!

Disclosure:  Those who know me know that I’m biased towards the full-touch form factor and view the QWERTY version as inherently inferior on BlackBerry 10.

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