Thought the rumored March release of BlackBerry 10 only originated from an analyst? Turns out, Research In Motion’s own President of Government Relations, Clint Robinson, has said the same.

This was detailed in an article describing how Argentina’s Minister of Industy, Débora Giorgi, met with RIM to produce new teams in Tierra del Fuego starting in December. It is to begin the transition from the Curve 8520 to the new Curve 9320 and 9220.

“We have a market with growing demand and the goal is that the market is stocked with local production and work,” said Giorgi, adding that “the national government industrial policy designed to promote a technology center in Tierra del Fuego , not much different than it did decades ago and other countries and they paid off. ”

Robinson also said to Giorgi, “that in this transition stage the firm [RIM] continues to grow thanks to Latin America, the region of the world that is pulling sales.” During which, Robinson told Giorgi that they can expect the new BlackBerry 10 units in March 2013. There were additional participants in the meetings, which included Argentina’s Minister of Industry, Javier Rando, Senior Director of Government Relations for RIM, Adrean Rothkopf, and Director of Institutional Relations of the Signing, Fernando Sedano.

Do you believe that BlackBerry 10 will truly release in March 2013 world-wide? Or, could Robinson have only meant that Latin America (more specifically Argentina) will receive BlackBerry 10 devices by March 2013? It’s still a bit up in the air. Hopefully, RIM will soon clear the air with a formal announcement.

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via Infobae