In today’s keynote from Apple, where they announced the new iPhone 5, the company revealed the screen resolution. Despite the iPhone 5’s screen being a ‘retina display’ it will only support 1136 x 640 at 326PPI.

The new iPhone 5 screen resolution creates fragmentation in their line-up. However, Apple says if an app is not set to the new resolution standard it will be centered and black borders will encompass it to make it look normal.

In case you weren’t already aware, we wanted to reiterate the fact that the first BlackBerry 10 all-touch device (L-Series) will sport a significantly higher screen resolution than the iPhone 5. The L-Series will have a screen resolution of 1280 x 768 with 356PPI.

Eventually, RIM plans to have their all-touch devices sport a 1280 x 720 resolution, which will help thwart fragmentation for apps across the L and N-Series. While it is debatable if your eyes can actually tell the difference between the two (L-Series screen versus iPhone 5’s retina display), one thing remains true. As pointed out in our opinion piece, most HD content is available at 720p. The iPhone 5 will not be able to display it proportionally, unlike the BlackBerry 10 all-touch device(s).

This is just one of many reasons to wait it out until BlackBerry 10 smartphones release in Q1 2013. While it seems Apple is taking a page right out of RIM’s history with minimal innovation, BlackBerry has once again snowballed into an aggressive player in the mobile space. Do you think BlackBerry 10’s higher screen resolution will matter to the average consumer? Sound off in the comments!