A couple of days ago Research In Motion’s BlackBerry 10 SDK went Gold.  To celebrate this event, the company held two separate tweetup events.  One of them was held in the West Coast and the other here in my home town city of New York.  It was held at STICH Bar and Lounge in Manhattan.  Upon arrival, I was shocked to see how many people were actually there.  In my mind I thought “wow, people love free drinks” but within the first two minutes I realized that all of those people were actually developers excited to chat with the RIM duo of Sam Lowe and Alex Kinsella.

Along side the PR duo, Gregg Ostrowski, Sr. Director of Enterprise Developer Partnerships and his team were there to say hello and remind people that a huge BlackBerry Jam event for enterprise was happening tomorrow morning. The Mastermind of the Inside BlackBerry blog, Donny Halliwell was also attending the event, greeting, meeting and overall making sure everyone was having a great time! I’m sure we’ll see a blog from him about this event.  The atmosphere was electric, and walking around I kept hearing, “yeah my app is almost ready” or “I have two apps already in BlackBerry World ” and a few ” I’m not sure about BB10 but I think I’ll give it a go”. Best Part was that every time a question about developing for BB10 came up a RIM person was there to offer help or give information to a RIM employee that would be able to help.

The night took an awesome twist when Alex took the stage to announce that there will be a BlackBerry PlayBook LTE given away to the person who tweeted #BBSDKGOLDTWEETUP the most.  Also Developers were entered in a raffle to win a shiny new BlackBerry Dev Alpha B to help port their apps over.  The mood was cheerful, upbeat and all 50 or so attendees were eager to enter the contests.  To say the winners were ecstatic is an understatement.  Then we had an official announcement!

The team over the very popular ios/android app “Untappd” was on site to announce that come release day their app will be available for BlackBerry10 as a native application!  Untappd is a fantastic social beer lovers app.  Within the application you check in the beer you drinking , receive reviews and suggestions and also earn badges!(who doesn’t love badges?).  People who know me, know that I am a beer enthusiast and having this app is a big deal for me.

A few drinks and some amazing appetizers later the night came into an end with RIM putting another small yet very successful event under their belt. I was shocked to see so many developers at a small tweetup event. I am sure the West Coast event was just as eventful which is a welcoming sign for the company’s efforts to recruit developers.


 The BlackBerry 10 train is steam rolling and I strongly suggest you hop on for the ride!