Out of all the media (ourselves included) that attended the BlackBerry event during Mobile World Congress 2015, only two decent photos of the announced BlackBerry 10 Slider have existed.

Coincidentally, the photos were officially taken by BlackBerry themselves. BlackBerry’s President for Devices and Emerging Solutions, Ron Louks, took the stage and quickly showed off the Slider, giving little time to take adequate photos.

For weeks, the BlackBerry community has been analyzing the photos of the Slider for any hidden details missing from the scripted announcement at MWC 2015.

An over-exposed photo of the slider has revealed to likely features we’ll see on the Slider when launched.

Looking closely, it becomes clear the extended bottom portion of the device has a full-width grill, which is more than likely a front-facing speaker.


Additionally, closely examining the 4-rowed keyboard, you’ll notice the keys are identical to the Passport. This could possibly indicate the BB10 Slider will feature a touch-enabled keyboard (something we hypothesized in our last N4BB Live podcast).

For now, these details are classified as rumor, but there appears to be clear and tangible evidence to support such claims. We will know for certain later this year as it plans to launch by year’s end.