Let’s be real for a minute. What will soon become the legacy BlackBerry OS has served the platform well. Sure, there has been the dreaded black clock that has plagued every BlackBerry user. Though, the BlackBerry empire was successfully built upon that foundation. This can never be forgotten.

The downfall of the BlackBerry OS was indeed the lack of apps that had garnered near cult-like following. The easiest ‘why’ answer goes something like: BlackBerry OS is an outdated java-based operating system, which was allegedly difficult for developers to develop on. Thus, developers began targeting their efforts to platforms that made it easier on the development process.

These developers disregarded the tens of million subscribers their app or game could potentially have been downloaded. Was BlackBerry OS’ developmental process really that extensive it thwarted developers from potentially targeting over 70 million users?

The app conundrum that has hindered the continued success of BlackBerry looks to be quelled by BlackBerry 10. Developers have many more tools and help available today for them to successfully develop or port their apps and/or games to the BB10 platform.

We’ve seen many examples of iOS or Android-only developers who have a ‘why not’ approach to BlackBerry 10. After all is said and done, these developers are usually very impressed with the ease of porting their app to BlackBerry 10. The developer of the popular Pop Corny game was that impressed he decided to write a tutorial for other iOS developers who might be interested in porting their games to the BB10 platform too.

This brings us to where we are today with RIM now taking app submissions for BlackBerry 10. RIM is also engaging in negotiations for those top tier apps. VentureBeat recently had an ‘exclusive’ where they said there would be no Instagram app for BlackBerry 10. This is farthest from the truth.

Without naming names, we’re in close relations with those who are engaging in such deals. We can ensure you that Instagram, who is now owned by Facebook, is most definitely going to be available on BlackBerry 10. RIM and Facebook have a solid relationship that is still strengthening.

A similar rumor arose regarding EA being on a ‘wait and see’ approach to BlackBerry 10. Though, we dispelled this demoralizing rumor. We’ve confirmed that EA will bring both Need for Speed Most Wanted and Real Racing 3 to BB10.

Similar instances are occurring for other top tier apps such as Tango, Netflix, Skype, and many more making their way onto BlackBerry 10. Although, we have been told Microsoft is dragging their feet on bringing Skype to BlackBerry 10. The reason behind Microsoft’s move to halt Skype for BB10 is due to them seeing BlackBerry 10 as a threat to Windows Phone 8.


It’s a proving time of Microsoft, which is showing their true colors as they continue to try and bully in the marketplace. Whether or not BlackBerry 10 has Skype, what is certain is the plethora of top tier apps the platform has garnered, already. Once BlackBerry 10 releases and generates solid traction among users, we’ll more than likely see a further influx of developers, large and small, to the platform.

BlackBerry 10 is surely the future of mobile. Not only will the BB10 ecosystem be secure and capable to evolve, it will put an end to the app conundrum.

Image via DaBerries