Cinnamon Toast

We previously had the opportunity to learn about the BlackBerry 10 lockscreen. In those leaked slides, we had a small glimpse at BlackBerry 10’s unique notification system, dubbed ‘Cinnamon Toast’.

Today we have further information on BlackBerry 10’s Cinnamon Toast and the new French Toast. The purpose of Cinnamon Toast, as the slide above points out, is to allow the user to preview messages from the lockscreen.

With Cinnamon Toast, BlackBerry 10 will be able to progressively show more information on the notifications based on the angle of the BB10 device. As demonstrated in the slide, there are three variations of data revealed based on the degree of angle.

The reveal is continuous and reversible. After you’ve picked up the device to reveal the full message of the notification, as you set it back down the information will begin to disappear in the same manner as it first appeared.

French Toast

Have you ever accidentally deleted something due to not first having a prompt asking if you wanted to delete an item? Luckily, this problem is solved with French Toast. The purpose of French Toast is to undo a delete operation.

As the slide says, with French Toast’s ability to undo moderate deleted items there is no need for delete confirmations before the delete. This should make the flow faster and smoother, while still retaining security by quickly recovering from accidental deletes.

The slide above further describes the interactivity of French Toast on BlackBerry 10’s UI. For instance, after an item is deleted the French Toast prompt will remain on the screen, and will then have a 3 second-timeout once the user touches the screen after the action.

BlackBerry 10 is certainly an advanced operating system that will surely have a future outside of the mobile space. If the previous leaked slides detailing the lockscreen isn’t enough, you can see a live demo of it in our video of the BlackBerry 10 keyboard. Check that video out here.