There’s a trend growing with users of the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones. I do not see this new shift in BlackBerry 10 users ever disappearing. In fact, I see a great divide between users growing exponentially.

What is this ‘great divide’ I speak of? While users of the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 are all apart of Team BlackBerry, they’re divided by one single factor: the keyboard experience.

While this may have been the case since 2008, but do we really want to reminisce about the Storm and Torch 9860 and 9850? Those devices were hardly contenders in the current race of all-touch devices (Ok, die-hard Storm fans, go ahead and flame me, I know you’re still out there).

No longer is BlackBerry simply known for making best-in-class physical QWERTY keyboards. The Canadian company has finally shown the world that they too can make an outstanding virtual keyboard for an all-touch device.

This has given traditional BlackBerry users a new choice. This choice will separate them from other users. I’ve noticed this divide is growing as Z10 users believe their device is a superior typing experience compared to the Q10, and vice versa.

Even the N4BB staff have gotten into mildly heated debates over which is better. Niko is a die-hard Q10 fan, and I like to think of myself as a progressive who can grasp the future of an all-touch device. Not to mention, the reduced screen real estate of the Q10 is disparaging, to me.

To exemplify each typing experience, I did an unbiased battle between the Z10’s keyboard and that of the Q10. You can view that video here. I left it up to the viewers to decide which device I could type on the fastest. Although, to be fair I didn’t use the Z10’s predictive text options. I simply punched out each word, key for key.

However, if I were to have used the predictive text on the Z10, I guarantee I would have slaughtered the Q10. That’s what makes BlackBerry’s new virtual keyboard a game changer. It’s intuitive learning, excellent predictions, and fluid completion makes it the winner over the traditional physical keyboard.

You Q10 die-hards, like Niko, may disagree on my assertion of the keyboards. One thing is for certain, while we may be divided by a keyboard, each user is still united by Team BlackBerry. Despite what keyboard preference we have, at the end of the day we still each attain that superb BlackBerry 10 experience.