BlackBerry 10 is said to be more than just a smartphone ecosystem. BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins has said before that BlackBerry 10 is an overall mobile computing operating system not solely limited to smartphones.

What else could BlackBerry 10 be used? We’ve heard before that BlackBerry had been working on a laptop/tablet hybrid. Though, the shunning of the PlayBook lends credence to the idea that BlackBerry isn’t looking to touch that market just yet.

What if there was a glorified docking station? Where you can take a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, plug it in to a laptop-like docking station, and BlackBerry 10 is enhanced. Think of it as a deeply enhanced ‘Bridge’.

Two videos have emerged that alleges to show BlackBerry 10 in similar light. The videos give you the realization of BlackBerry 10 as the operating system for your laptop or desktop computer. Watch the videos below and see for yourself of what BlackBerry 10 could be like on more than smartphones.

Showing the Hub

Showing the ‘Homescreen’

via BBin