While it may be said Apple’s win over Samsung will deter innovation in the tech industry, a few companies will ultimately prevail from the ruling. One such company will be Research In Motion. Their stock already has slightly increased this week, likely due to the ruling.

The verdict means any device with the look and feel of Apple products is legally vulnerable. “The problem,” Ron Laurie, managing director of Silicon Valley IP firm Inflexion Point Strategy, LLC said, “is that consumers want devices that look like an iPhone.”

This will ultimately further protect the value of patents that protect iPhone and iPad design features. Laurie argues, if RIM’s patent portfolio has “the right stuff, the whole Android world would be a buyer.”

Analysts are predicting the verdict will also cause slow growth of the Android operating system used by vendors including Samsung, HTC, and LG. Even though the patents at hand do not directly relate to the Android operating system, analysts predict the ruling will empower Apple to file more patent lawsuits against Android vendors.

How else might this ruling be favorable to BlackBerry? IDC mobile software analyst Al Hilwa said the Samsung ruling presents an opportunity for RIM. Hilwa claims telecom carriers are hungry for a viable alternative to the leading mobile device vendors and platforms. “It [the BlackBerry] may not be their favorite phone, but the carriers desperately want a third or fourth operating system,” Hilwa said.

via TheStar