The website Mobility Admin claims that Research In Motion’s BlackBerry 10 devices will not be supported on 3rd party mobile device management platforms. If accurate, that means BB10 devices will only be manageable through its own systems and not 3rd party.

Each manufacturer of a mobile platform such as Apple with its iOS or Google with Android offers a API (Application Programming Interface) tie to which 3rd party control, and shared functions or data can be read. That makes it so other mobile device management manufacturers, such as Mobile Iron, can manage these mobile devices without having to implement any kind of software onto the devices themselves.

Thus, if rumor is to be true, it looks like Research In Motion will be requiring CIOs to utilize only RIM’s Mobile Fusion if they want to have manageable BlackBerry 10 devices. Do you think this forced requirement to use Mobile Fusion will deter companies from picking up BlackBerry 10 devices for their fleet?