Research In Motion has repeatedly said that BlackBerry 10 will launch in Q1 of 2013. Many have speculated it would release sometime in January. Though, depending on which calendar you follow, Q1 can end at March.

This might be the case as the usual suspect, Jefferies’ Peter Misek claims, BlackBerry 10 won’t launch until March. Additionally, Misek says “checks point to a tough November quarter,” as channel partners cut back on inventory, and is skeptical RIM will find a buyer.

“We had hoped for a January launch but now see a March launch as more likely,” he writes. That would mean no sales of the next generation phones in the February quarter. “Also, our checks point to a tough November quarter, with replenishment rates decreasing as channel partners are cautious on holding RIM inventory. We think the business uncertainty means parties are unlikely to acquire or license from RIM until BB10 launches.”

Personally, I’ve been saying March is a strong possibility. RIM typically doesn’t rush things, which I’m sure most of you have come to see this for yourself. What if BB10 doesn’t release until March? Would this cause more problems for RIM?

via Forbes