Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, published its Best Global Brands Report of the world’s 100 most valuable brands on October 2nd. Great news! RIM is still on the list, despite another year of negativity and dwindling global marketshare. Research in Motions’ BlackBerry Brand is still in the top 100.

RIM has seen continued growth through these down times beating analysts’ predictions in what was expected to be their first quarter without a growing user base. I for one am pleased to see BlackBerry still respected enough by people who know that BlackBerry isn’t a fashion statement; BlackBerry is for people who do.

The Interbrand Best Global brands list isn’t just about technology the top 10 Brands for 2012 are as follows:

  1. Coca-Cola Beverages $77.8 billion
  2. Apple Technology $76.6 billion
  3. IBM Business Services $75.5 billion
  4. Google Technology $69.7 billion
  5. Microsoft Technology $57.8 billion
  6. GE $43.6 billion
  7. McDonald’s Restaurants $40.1 billion
  8. Intel Technology $39.4 billion
  9. Samsung Technology $32.9 billion
  10. Toyota Automotive $30.3 billion

RIM is still in there at the 93rd spot with a $3.9 Billion valuation. Ahead of companies like Harley Davidson (96) and Ferrari (99).

Let’s take a look at Brands on the list that relate to BlackBerry: Apple (#2), Google (#4) Microsoft (#5) Samsung (#9) Nokia (#19), Amazon (#20) Sony (#40)

Missing from the list: LG? Motorola? HTC? ZTE? RIM and Nokia are the only 2 players who are Exclusively Phone people on
the list. Good Job RIM, Make 2013 a rising star year for BlackBerry you’re still in the race!

via Interbrand