Few weeks ago the Inside BlackBerry Blog asked users to “Tell us about your first BlackBerry”. We at N4BB would love to hear about YOUR First BlackBerry. While I go into my reminiscing about my first BlackBerry, the Curve 8330, think back to your first BlackBerry, and share your story.

I chose the picture for this story to be the Curve 8330, the phone I wanted to hate. Back in May of 2008 I sat in a boardroom with my colleagues who all were using flip phones. We had a Bell Canada representative there to tell us about the BlackBerry Curve we would all be getting at the end of the meeting and how it would improve our productivity. I wasn’t sold. I had been a smartphone user for many years, loving my Windows Mobile phones. I was convinced this ugly little smartphone without excel would not help me on the road, but it was free. I begrudgingly took it and went off to the Internet to find everything wrong with it so I could return it in 15 days. I failed. The BlackBerry Curve 8330 was just a pleasure to hold; still to this day it is the most comfortable BlackBerry for typing out long emails.

The device was no nonsense, the email was wonderful, and I learned during my hunt for hate about features like Auto-text. I discovered themes, and spent many hours finding and trying themes, which had me falling for the ones that brought my calendar to the screen. Then there was BBM, the glorious Blue and Red text to distinguish between yourself and the person you were talking to, the D for delivered, and R for Read. We had no texting plans, and a paltry 4MB of data per month. BBM was amazing for reaching out and connecting to both colleagues and customers. The battery life would go forever, which was nice since my Ford F250 pickup only had 1 Charging port and that was for my lunch cooler. While using the BlackBerry Curve 8330 for work I soon realized I was falling in love with the BlackBerry Platform. I purchased the 9630 from Bell as soon as it launched. Once I started purchasing BlackBerrys as my personal device, I never stopped. Having had many of the popular and not so popular models such as the Style 9670, Bold 9000, Torch 9800, and many others.

The Curve 8330 lasted me until June of 2011 when it was ripped from my hands and replaced with the BlackBerry 9300. I still fondly think of the Curve 8330, I’d trade my work issued iPhone 4S for a Curve 8330 any day. Please share what your first BlackBerry was and why you fell in love with it.