One of the new great features in BlackBerry 6 (OS6) is the Universal Search. The feature helps you search throughout your entire BlackBerry, SD Card, apps, and internet. It is now being rumored that a voice activated feature may soon become available to assist you in universal search queuing.

At the BlackBerry developer conference last week, RIM announced even more search features. “With BlackBerry 6, I never look for the icons anymore,” RIM technical product manager Bhavuk Kaul said; “I just search for the name of the app.”

With a future update to BlackBerry 6, you won’t even need to search. Kaul said RIM would be adding voice input to Universal Search, so you’ll be able to tell your BlackBerry what you’re looking for. Voice search will be an extra search provider, and it will be an API that other apps can use. 

App developers will be able to sign-up to integrate the search feature. They will be able to return results to varying search providers and be included in profit sharing. It should make for an interesting searching experience on your BlackBerry.