Yesterday’s earnings call revealed a few things about RIM and their product delays. While it was a bit vague, it is starting to be clear that BlackBerry 7 devices have been delayed because of their new chipset. RIM has chosen to use the Qualomm Snapdragon in the new devices. This will be good for RIM in the long run, but currently it is forcing them to write new code for the radio stacks. It also seems it may be taking longer to do so than expected.

“Following the earnings call, we have now learned that the delay RIM is experiencing in launching the BB7 devices is due to the difficulty in porting BBOS onto the Snapdragon apps processor,” said Ehud Gelblum, analyst at Morgan Stanley. Gelbum expects RIM will release 7 – 8 new BlackBerry 7 devices by mid-2012.

via BI