Last week, we ran a poll on whether or not BlackBerry should offer the Z3 in North American markets. Our COO, Niko Giannopoulos, gave the following reason:

“The reason behind this post is not for me to express my feelings on the device but more of a conversation starter. The last year we have seen a huge movement behind the move away from 2 year contracts and the undeniable rise of prepaid accounts. BlackBerry coming off a bitter divorce with T-Mobile, the leading prepaid service provider in the USA, now has even less outlets to sell its devices. T- Mobile has many subsidiaries including Metro PCS, Simple Mobile and their Wal-Mart line.”

The poll gave some interesting statistics. As of this writing, 89.29% of our readers who voted believe the BlackBerry Z3 needs to be available in North America. One commenter, Anthony, agreed saying, “Yes. Any market needs inexpensive smartphones. A $200 LTE Z3 would work in North America.”

It will be interesting to see if BlackBerry obliges. Once the BlackBerry Z3 LTE (Manitoba) is available, likely around March 2015, perhaps we will see it venture away from Asian markets and move into North America. Readers, are you still with the belief it would be beneficial to BlackBerry?