We heard before that the BlackBerry 9800 Slider had been testing the functionality of App World from developers seeing the device model number listed in their analytics.

We have been tipped that developers can now begin submitting their apps, themes, etc for review and inclusion in App World. This is a good sign for those who have prerelease demo units of the 9800.

Hopefully, this device will get announced soon and the 9800 SDK (software developers kit) will release shortly. It would be a shame to see the 9800 release without and supported themes or apps in App World. This same thing happened to the Pearl 9100, which was a disaster when unsupported themes were made available to purchase. You can imagine there were some angry buyers once they realized they couldn’t use the theme they may have just spent $5 on.

Could the rumored August 15th release date on AT&T be true? When do you think we will see this device release?