These last few days have been filled with new BlackBerry model numbers popping up on RIM’s servers. First we saw the 9900 (Bold Touch?), then the 9850 (Storm3/Torch2?), and now the BlackBerry 9860 has surfaced through a UAProf document. It is being debated as to what the 9850/9860 could be. Some people believe it is the Torch2, since there aren’t any soft-keys listed. While, some others tend to lean towards the Storm3, since the screen resolution is set at 480 x 800 (still odd for either device). Whatever the device may be, it is very likely that the 9860 will be the European version of the 9850. Some of the 9860 specs:

  • OS 6.1
  • 480 x 800 resolution
  • Qualcomm CPU