For almost two years there have been rumors suggesting that the BlackBerry 9900 was going to be a Bold/Touchscreen hybrid device, known as the BlackBerry Magnum or Dakota. However, it remained as just that, rumors. There haven’t been much evidence to support a launch of the 9900, whatever it may be. We did see images of the “Magnum”, but no one knew that device’s model number.

Nevertheless, a BlackBerry with model # 9900 has supposedly popped up in Vodafone Germany’s sales system. Nonetheless, take this with a grain of salt. It was at one time thought that the BlackBerry Torch would be model 9900. Perhaps, this is just an error in Vodafone’s inventory system? Time will tell, but would you like to see a Bold/touchscreen hybrid release? Think of it as a Bold 9780 with a touchscreen!

via BestBoyZ