Alicia Keys was brought on by BlackBerry as a Global Creative Director on January 30th, the same day BlackBerry 10 launched, and it seems that time will officially end later this month. According to BlackBerry, Alicia Keys will be leaving her role on January 30th, 2014, exactly one year after taking the position on.

The relationship between BlackBerry and Keys was okay, to put it nicely. She prominently featured a white Z10 in her “Set The World On Fire” tour, but aside from that, her publicly affiliation with BlackBerry was kept to a minimum. According to people that were familiar with the situation, Keys wanted her role to be more operations oriented instead of having a marketing feel.

Less than a month after joining the company last year, Keys said she was “hacked” when a tweet was sent out from her account via Twitter for iPhone which raised many eyebrows about her choice of mobile devices.

Despite the negativity, the pair of Alicia Keys and BlackBerry did do some cool things in 2013. The BlackBerry Scholars Program, which was announced at last year’s BlackBerry Live, helped bring a focus to women in the tech world; something Keys is very passionate about.

No word on whether this decision was taken by John Chen, or the timing of the contract between BlackBerry and Keys was just up, but hopefully she remains #teamBlackBerry even after this split.